A real-time customer engagement and analytics tool, allowing for capturing true sentiment at scale. An innovative way to derive ever richer consumer insights


Key innovation is a mix of both business concept/model innovation and the associated technologies to put it into practice.
The business concept/model innovation has to do with basing the business model and product of the company on the insight that in order to achieve significantly improved overall results, the new business and solution must provide value not only to the business clients but also to each individual end-user / consumer. Leading to a business model and practices that reflect this - not charging business clients per response / user, sharing some data back in the form of immediate results with each end-user.
The technology innovation is reflected in implementing this core insight through the development of proprietary UI, UX and algorithms. Some of these have to do with the ability of our system to soak up to a million votes / participants within seconds, and serve back to them the simple but powerful insights given to each end-user - do most people agree with the user, do people from their gender, age and location agree.

Key Benefits

- Increased customer loyalty through constructive communication
- up and cross-selling potential
- Improved customer care, hence increased satisfaction
- Improved consumer profiling


Our tool is industry agnostic, as we solve a common problem among all B2C verticals - the distorted dialogue between companies and institutions and their stakeholders.

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