C2020-51 - Biodegradable Chitosan Microneedle Patch for Transdermal Delivery of Meloxicam as a Pain Management Drug Approach for Use in Cattle.


This invention proposes that a better approach for livestock drug delivery is through transdermal application with polymeric (chitosan-based) microneedle patches (a platform composed of needles uniformly organized and designed to painlessly penetrate the skin at a controlled depth, avoiding stimulation of nerve endings). Polymeric microneedle patches have been demonstrated to provide better chemistry and mechanical properties. These patches will be loaded with meloxicam cargo that will be released in the skin and delivered to the site of action by capillaries or lymphatic networks. This approach will help to extend the use of the FDA-approved meloxicam in the pharmaceutical field as pain management medication for livestock animals. Problem Addressed by Invention Currently, the USA has been increasing public awareness and concern for the well-being of livestock animals. Pain management for livestock has become an important issue for organizations like the American Veterinary Medical Association, which are now encouraging the use of pain relief during routine management practices in cattle. Nevertheless, few pain medications exist commercially that are FDA-approved for use in cattle. Flunixin meglumine, a pre-existing pain management medication for cattle, has many issues including the degradation half-life and the administration method (injection or topical application every 12-24 hours).

Key Benefits

· No limitations on administration to animals demonstrating certain symptoms

· Drastically reduces the times the pain medicine must be administered – the patch does not need to be replaced as often as tablets or shots would need to be administered

· Micro needling patches are low cost, biologically compatible, non-toxins, and have already been proven effective for administration of medicine to humans

· Reduces pain in livestock

Status of Technology:

The patch was tested against drug related over time, capacity to penetrate the skin, chemical composition, and physical characteristics. The microneedle patch was prepared by placing chitosan/meloxicam solution (prepared by: 1 gr of chitosan and 50 mg of meloxicam in 10 mL of acetic acid at 10%) on a PDMS mold with the following characteristics: Patch size: 8 * 8 mm, needle height: 600 μm, needle base: 300 μm, and an array size: 15 * 15 (225 microneedle/patch). The process of fabricating the chitosan/meloxicam microneedle patch was conducted by adding first 500 mg of the solution onto the mold to create a monolayer.

Regulatory: This invention may require federal regulatory testing and/or approval.


· Cattle industry

· Investigations are being made on how to implement this technology for other animals



Animal Science
Drug Delivery
Other scientific research & development services

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