Proven expertise in providing integrated CRM/LinkedIn profiling with additional expertise in harnessing external information


Ability to cognitively search and access relevant information in real time, along with automatic augmentation of knowledge

CAITO’s Artificial Intelligence Solution

Provided CAITO solution offers Cognitive Artificial Intelligence utilizing NLP, Machine and Deep Learning. This also includes automated document digitization, domain-specific Named Entity Recognition (NER) capabilities, support for natural language query and generation, and embedded advanced analytics capabilities.

• Can read any unstructured text and has been designed to searchCustomer experience, Profiles and CVs.
• Provides different cognitive search functions that will filter the most relevant prospects for any query and will process automatically.
• Provides integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and multiple CRM solutions
• Enables training of the system based the questions that users may want to ask of the Knowledge Repository. Through this training the system continuously learns and gets smarter in understanding the content.

Ø Greater efficiency and productivity due to the ability to search and access vast quantities of company or other relevant information in real time
Ø Greater remote collaboration and knowledge sharing, massively reducing duplication & recreation of knowledge resources
Ø Collaboration and messaging capability with coworkers anywhere in the world
Ø Continued access to knowledge in existing company platforms and systems using CAITO
Ø CAITO provides protected access whilst expanding knowledge access to your people

Business Problem: How to provide real-time knowledge access and knowledge transfer to your leaders and
employees wherever they are geographically located

CAITO Solution: Cloud Based Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform & Solution for your Organisation’s
Knowledge Transfer, Augmentation & Access

Key Benefits

CAITO unlocks your business’ unstructured data. The amount of unstructured data siloed within your company could be doubling every year. With CAITO, use it to double your understanding of your business, too. CAITO creates unique Knowledge Repositories. CAITO works with you to create unique Knowledge Repositories specifically for your business, including a vast range of internal and selected external information. CAITO lets you share knowledge seamlessly. Using cognitive technologies, CAITO allows global and regionally dispersed businesses to access and share vast quantities of information, across any number of locations and employees. CAITO constantly learns and improves. As sophisticated CAI technology, CAITO uses cognitive analytics to continually learn the best way to respond to your natural language queries. Offering up more relevant, reliable, and quality information with each and every use. More importantly you own and control your unstructured data - we guarantee Data Sovereignty


CAITO is a multi-capable Cognitive AI Platform, used to create enterprise-level CAI Solutions for specific industries and businesses. Presently being used to manage Unstructured Data for Compliance, Knowledge Management, Augmented Education, and Financial Market Correlations,

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