Powered by a unique, 'synthetic' dataset, CaliberAI builds automated tools and integrations to reduce risk of publication of defamation and hate speech.


CaliberAI's tools reduce risk of reputational damage by detecting and flagging text with a high probability of being classified as defamatory, and thereby likely to give rise to a defamation action.

CaliberAI's tools function as an extra 'set of eyes', and an AI Assistant, to augment the human and other oversight mechanisms of companies and others in the firing line for reputational harm from hate and defamation, including news publishers, public relations firms, social media platforms and their users.

Key Benefits

- unique, near 'real-time' automated defamation detection capabilities

- An API facilitating custom thresholds and tools, tailored to individual organisational needs

- the ability to manage risk of spread of defamation and harm at viral scale


- news publishing

- social media / internet publishing

- public relations

- law

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