CCM captures point source emissions and converts them into useful an valuable carbon-negative minerals.


Carbon Capture Machine (CCM) is a technology leader in the revolutionary field of carbon capture & utilization (CCU). The company was selected as the only European Finalist in the 2019 NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, and they are commercializing this novel technology and methodology in 2023. Carbon Capture Machine (CCM)’s CCU solution captures CO2 emissions using alkali sources and waste/connate brines to convert the captured CO2 to stable mineral carbonates.

Key Benefits

The benefits are often multi-fold, since the technology not only captures the emissions, but reduces manufacturing energy consumption and displaces CO2 intensive products such as ground-calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) with a carbon-negative solution and the ability to sequester carbon for millennia.   


We support a wide range of commercial uses including paper manufacturing, pigment in paints, filler in injection moulded plastics, food products, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, ocean deacidification / alkalinity enhancement, and cementitious material for concrete production.

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