Carbon Neutral Supplier EMEA

Are you looking for a Carbon Neutral Supplier?

Using Lyreco internal tools and Carbon Credits to make Lyreco a Carbon Neutral supplier, across EMEA.


At Lyreco we can help you try to achieve just that. We continually strive to be the best in class in our Industry for Sustainability and Environmental solutions. We know that to achieve Carbon Neutral status is important to many of our Clients which is why we have developed a Carbon Neutral Calculator which can monitor Co2 output and work with you and your sites to initiate actions that can help reduce your Co2. We recognise this isn’t an overnight fix, taking education and business adjustment to achieve a reduction, so to support this journey we are looking to work with a Carbon Neutral offsetting partner where credits can be purchased to offset your Co2 output. This model is available now in the UK, for all Tarmac and CRH sites, as well as availalble soon across all other subsidiaires that Lyreco/CRH have a relationship.

Key Benefits

The benefit of this application would be help you reduce your Supplier Carbon Output and and ensure Lyreco are a Carbon Neutral Supplier to you across many markets, this would also reduce traffic on your sites.


this applicaton is available to any of the CRH sites within our remit.

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