Agroforestry applications focused on Africa that deliver economically viable biomass pellet alternatives to coal fired power, and high quality timber in under 5 years


We are implementing Agroforestry developments in Africa from 200Ha to 5000Ha using biomass sorghum intercropped with Paulownia trees (Aluminium Wood) creating high carbon sink with 2 crops of biomass sorghum per year and timber harvest within 5 years on a high-value wood that is 3 times the price of pine. Sorghum supports immediate cash flow. Timber within 5 years. High RoI. Using the biomass pellets as coal offsets creates further carbon offsets

Key Benefits

We create positive socioeconomic impacts in African countries through sustainable agricultural development, creating skills and jobs. Agroforestry applications with broadleaf rapid growing trees that can be intercropped (vegetables, coffee, maize, fruit) and leaves provide high-protein forage for livestock and as flowering tree can also generate Honey options. Growing the crop twice a year gets 21 tons CO2 per Ha creating immediate cash flow from carbon credits and sale of biomass coal replacement with 70% less CO2. Trees mature in 5 years for high-value lumber


Creating employment and economies in needy countries
Carbon sink offsets in crop production
Carbon offsets in replacing fossil fuels
Sustainable high-value timber production
Intercropping applications to increase benefits

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