CarbonLnk helps companies become more energy efficient and plan accurately for their Net Zero transition by using an intelligent AI powered data analytics engine and IIoT sensors.


Lnk Technologies is a company offering end to end sustainability solutions. We are experts in sustainability management, engineering, software engineering and business transformation. We bring this expertise and tailored solutions to solve companies' challenges of reducing energy costs and decarbonization with our ready-made and tested products.

Our product CarbonLnk a dual AI-Powered Energy Management System and Sustainable Energy Management system which revolutionizes the way energy is monitored and managed. From its energy profiling capability, the system then allows and prompt for strategic planning to green solutions. It makes it easy for businesses and individuals to understand energy use and carbon emissions and take them step-by step on the journey to plan for Net Zero.

CarbonLnk works using real-time input signals in the form of watts, current, and voltage data for electricity consumption, water flow for water consumption, gas flow and gas pressure in bars for gas consumption and temperature of ambient environment in Degree Celsius. It efficiently converts this information into a digital signal. It also allows for accurate, automatic and real time GHG reporting across Scope 1 and 2.  

The data is displayed in a meaningful way graphically to provide accurate insight into energy consumption. This data is then used and converted to calculate the GHG emissions produced by the energy consumed, depending on the type and source of that energy.  

Key Benefits

1.Enables and quantifies energy savings of up to 20%

2.Improve operations' energy efficiency, reduce and reuse energy waste

3.Green House Gas reporting across scope 1 & 3. Establish science-based baseline Carbon emissions.

4.Monitor and quantify use of solar panels, EV chargers

4.Science based Carbon Reduction validation for lifecycle assessment of products or carbon reporting for operations.

CarbonLnk helps maximize yield on carbon and energy savings investments by providing guidance from its Predictive Analysis tool to ensure actual savings align with projections.


The AI-Powered Energy Management System offers numerous benefits, including reduced energy costs, increased energy efficiency, and optimized equipment maintenance. It is applicable to various sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings, where efficient energy management is essential. We also aim our product at Carbon Verification bodies and carbon accountancy firms who are in need or accurate, secure and reliable data.

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