Cellulose-based materials

Green and renewable solutions for packaging

Our licensee, Aloterra, has a process for extracting cellulose nanomaterials from Miscanthus Giganteus for compostable food takeout containers. SEE: https://vimeo.com/192499365


Our startup, Aloterra, is using miscanthus giganteus ("MxG") to make green, environmentally friendly cellulose-based products, such as Compostable Packaging, MxG-based Natural Absorbents, MxG-based Non-Wood Pulp, and MxG Cellulose Nano Crystals (CNCs) as a "natural" composite additive to impart strength and other desirable physical properties to a range of products. Please contact me to learn more.

Key Benefits

Renewable, compostable, naturally degrades, yet is grown naturally as a domesticated plant in temperate climate.

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