Cirrus Dopant™ nano-composites

Cirrus Dopant™ is a liquid additive for plating – a “super-alloy” in a bottle.

Dopant™ is an additive that seamlessly integrates a ceramic phase secondary material into the plating bath which produces an oxide dispersion strengthened, nano-reinforced coating.


Cirrus Dopant™ is so effective because it seamlessly integrates secondary particles into metal coatings which improve the material in three ways: oxide dispersion strengthening, grain refinement, and pre-stressing. Dopant™ is an additive that introduces a ceramic phase secondary material to the plating bath that is stabilised by the electro-chemistry of the bath. No powder-mixing is required, nor handling of nano-particles. The stabilised particles then co-deposit into the metal coating. The particles are uniformly distributed, usually <20 nm in size, and make up <1% of the coating material by weight, creating a composite metal-ceramic matrix structure called a “nano-composite coating”. The size, distribution, and material properties of these nano-particles are responsible for the improvement of the mechanical, corrosion or other desired properties of the coatings. Dopant™ has proven effective across a wide range of metal coatings, in both electro-plated and electroless applications. The case image study attached shows industrial application of Cirrus Dopant™ to high performance and harsh environment, which delivers major production and TCO benefits to manufacturers. Dopant ™ is in use in major industry segments around the world, including electronics, injection moulding, and aerospace

Key Benefits

Dopant™ is a REACH compatible nano-technology that produces nano-composite coatings from standard plating baths. Nano-composite coatings are more durable, corrosion resistant, and lighter weight than standard metal coatings while still retaining functional qualities such as conductivity, thermal stability, and energy efficiency


Dopant™ is widely applicable to both electro and electroless plating baths. It has proven successful in a variety of metallic coatings including nickel, copper, gold, tin, cobalt, cobalt-phosphorous, cobalt-tungsten, nickel-phosphorous, nickel boron, zinc-nickel in each case the presence of the Dopant™ have improved the mechanical performance of the coatings

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