Move your must-have ESG program from an overhead to a balance sheet asset with our carbon consuming supply chains - a better than Net Zero solution.


Utilising proprietary, protected technology centred on AI and data to grow fresh produce to enable substantial ethical profits. This shows many costs incurred by others are unnecessary and offers a profitable alternative to a Vertical Farm.

Goal: address one of a food outlet’s biggest headaches. Growing fresh produce at point of need eliminates food miles, transit only packaging and reduces waste while offering increased sales and margins.

Key Benefits

Patent protected technologies automate greenhouses so they can be installed at the point of need on any non-load
bearing surface such as the roof of a modern retail warehouse.

A multi-sector and global opportunity, with many benefits over vertical and traditional farming methods. An essential
way to mitigate for those who cannot achieve Net Zero.


Numerous applications – key targets include:
- retail
- hotels
- new communities
- schools office blocks

CFS believe the food retail space has the most pressing demand due to volume, transit impact and waste. Sustainable
Development Goals are something VF fails to address and a major focus for the corporate entity.

The combination of less carbon and waste combined with better, fresher produce is a key driver enhancing the customer experience while addressing the SDGs India uses simple rooftop greenhouses to reduce office fresh air costs
by 35% (Scope 1 emissions)- enabling them to produce food adds the ability to reduce the far greater Scope 3 emissions.

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