Clean Lithium extraction technology developped by Adionics is based on 14 years of R&D. High selectivity, high yield, high purity and concentration are guaranted.


Adioics lithium extraction technology is based on 10 years of R&D first applied to seawater desalination and then to the extraction of lithium salts for 4 years. Adionics has developed an extremely selective lithium salt extractant tested on more than 50 brines from Europe, Argentina, Chile and the United States. Two industrial demonstrators have already been carried out on seawater desalination, which made it possible to test the implementation techniques of the process, to understand the key sizing parameters and to optimize its design. A pilot laboratory is now operational on this same design, with a capacity of 2 to 3 t / year, and which has demonstrated the performances announced. Clean Lithium Pre-industrial Plant with the capacity of 250t/y LCE will be availbale Q1 2022.

Key Benefits

Adionics technology contributes to the sustainable development goals:
• Gain of 3 years to reach nominal production, insensitivity to climatic conditions. Critical point to meet the strong demand from manufacturers of batteries using Lithium.

• Up to 100 times less groundwater consumption.
Key point to obtain new environmental and production permits.

• Reduced electrical and thermal consumption (objective, high extraction selectivity ensuring a very high purity of the lithium produced resulting in the elimination of numerous purification steps compared to the production of lithium by evaporation. This also results in a reduction CAPEX and OPEX of up to -40% for the production of Lithium from brines.
Open the competition with the spodumene mine (rocks).

• Considerable increase in lithium reserves, our technology allows us to achieve a yield in excess of 90% of the lithium contained in the brine against 50 to 60% at best with conventional methods.

• Allows access to other sources such as geothermal water or oil production water (not exploited to date).

• Unlocks access to brines rich in magnesium and sulphates that cannot be used by conventional technologies.


- salars
- brines
-geothermal water
- oil& gas
- industrial water

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