Clearpay allows customer to spread payments over 60 days with no interest. The customer pays 25% upfront then 25% every two weeks.


The buy now Pay Later industry reached 50m customers at the same speed as Facebook. Currently we are doubling our customer business year on year and have 12m customers.
We allow customers to pay for products over two months paying 25% upfront and three further installments every two weeks.
It's proven to improve conversion on web and app sales by an average of 20% and increase average order value by 25%. We also direct our customers to our merchants from our shop directory these are customers usually at point of purchase and thus have a very high conversion.
Customer are not credit checked and have a balance of up to £1,000 to spend. We have never damaged a customer's credit history in our history as a company. Clearpay does not make money from our customers, we don't offer an APR product and 85% of our revenue comes from our retailers.
We have unrivalled customer satisfaction scores in the finance industry of 4.7 on Trust Pilot and NPS of 85.
Clearpay's audience is made up of the much coveted Millennial and Generation Z

Key Benefits

Clearpay offers retailers high converting free web traffic
Increases AOV
Increases conversion
Drives customer satisfaction
Acts as a customer acquisition tool


Payments services
Ecommerce sales
Marketing teams

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