Enabling business to distribute digital pre-paid MasterCards to an email address or phone number. The recipient can spend in store or online via Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.


CleverCards is the leading platform for mobile-enabled, global digital payments. The business has pioneered an innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows partners to instantly issue mobile-enabled payment cards in real time for any use case – open and closed loop gift cards, FX cards, payroll and expenses and more.

The mobile, social and eCommerce industries have experienced transformational shifts in how friends, family and businesses around the world communicate with each other and make payments.

The CleverCards platform makes the instant generation and distribution of mobile payment cards possible – for any purpose. CleverCards is an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play solution for businesses that wish to meet consumer expectations of flexible, mobile, contactless payment cards.

Key Benefits

Businesses can distribute payments to customers / employees instantaneously.

Our corporate ordering portal allows for mass distribution of cards.

One contract solution to cover multiple payment requirements.

Cost Savings
By reducing manual processes, businesses can make material cost savings.

Reduced fraud due to tokenization and 70 AML KYC checks.

The MasterCard can be spent online or instore using Apple Pay, Google Pay and
Samsung Pay.[1]

Ability to control card restrictions centrally with full visibility.

Card configuration and branding can be designed based on the customer need.


Applicable for both b2b and b2c use, and within any business that is making payments or receiving payments of any sort.

Some examples:

Gift, Incentive & Reward
Providing digital pre-paid Mastercards to corporate clients so they can reward their employees and / or customers.

Insurance Claims
Insurance companies use CleverCards to pay claims to their customers or to a merchant instantly via a pre-paid digital Mastercard.

Airline Payouts
Enabling airlines to pay their customers instantly via a pre-paid digital Mastercard.

Expense Management
Automate expense management with our ERP application and distribute pre-paid digital company Mastercards to employees. Offering includes fuel cards to be distributed to drivers.

Vendor Payments
Provide your employees with a virtual company Mastercards for B2B eCommerce / online purchases.

Gig Economy
Providing gig economy companies with a payment solution to pay their workers and vendors instantly via pre-paid Mastercards

Government Disbursements
Facilitating the distribution of government disbursements to beneficiaries via pre-paid Mastercards

Mobile Minutes[1]
Transfer mobile minutes into a digital Mastercard allowing users to send funds around the globe instantly.

Medical Payouts
Paying clinical trial participants, medical expenses and compensation claims via digital pre-paid Mastercards, across the Public and Private sectors.

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