Clicko-Bricks are interlocking, modular plastic containers.

A green tech that offers a functional and economic solution to the problem of disposable plastic containers. The product also tackles problems and needs in the building world.


The Need Every year, about 560 billion liters of drinks, especially mineral water, are consumed globally. They are packed in hundreds of billions of disposable plastic bottles, which are then discarded, mainly in landfills. These bottles make up 15-20% of the waste volume, and remain non-degradable for thousands of years. Recycling is an unsatisfactory solution as it only covers about 20% of the bottles used worldwide, and even that is a costly, ecologically unviable process that requires much energy and generates pollution during transport and processing. Furthermore, it involves down cycling – the manufacture of inferior disposable products and lessening of the plastic's quality, which eventually leads to disposal.   The Product Clicko-Bricks are liquid containers designed for reuse as interlocking smart building blocks. They come in three forms (square; hexagon; triangle) and various sizes. All sizes and forms have built-in integrating & interlocking capabilities in all directions (top & bottom included) with other units in a single structure. Their regular volume ranges between 250 ccl to 4.5 Litres, and as such, they can serve as containers to almost all household needs. The Clicko-Brick containers are produced in the common blow-moulding technology, so that manufacturers wishing to produce them would not face exceptional challenges. The containers' connection mechanism may be added along the production line, or, according to a customer's requirements, after the bottles have been used as containers. The mechanism consists of 1-2 straps around the bottle providing a simple, firm, connection mechanism that cannot break apart accidently - The all-sides interlocking mechanism (up and down included) allows for the construction of very large, varied, and flexible structures, with no additional connecting units. For example, when spaces are required in a Clicko-Brick structure (such as for passing infrastructure pipes in a wall), the various sizes allow for that kind of flexible assembly. The ability to create an unlimited number of complex structures makes Clicko-Brick an outstanding multi-purpose product. Various manufacturers (in the fields of construction, agriculture, floating structures, etc.) can design elements & modules that make use of Clicko-Brick as their basic building block. Another advantage of Clicko-Brick is that since it can be filled with various materials (like air, liquids or grained solids) and re-sealed, it's flexible in addressing differing needs, such as weight, buoyancy, fire resistance, thermal & acoustic insulation, and so on.   Concept The thing about Clicko-Brick is that once you're done drinking – instead of being left with a nuisance you now have a raw material for real products. What for? Well, just about everything… people can use it at home, or bring it back (for deposit) and let the industry use it for its needs.

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