ClientLab is your dedicated R&D service, powered by Nebuli's Augmented Intelligence and specialist panels of scientists, marketing experts, designers, engineers and mathematicians.


If your innovation is about building the future, you must start by focusing on your future users, customers and evolving human habits. ClientLab provides you with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of your customers, creating a strong market impact.

Furthermore, ClientLab is your innovation framework with a specialist panel of scientists, business development experts, designers and engineers. Our expertise in emerging consumer trends and evolving human habits is your strongest advantage.

ClientLab is part of Nebuli’s mission of serving teams and businesses of all sizes across several markets with a universally available, sustainable, secure, ethical and personalised augmented intelligence ecosystem. It is the foundation of Nebuli's vision of building a deeper, healthier and most ethical human-machine symbiosis.

Key Benefits

ClientLab solves critical corporate Innovation challenges that require flexibility and speed.

We have witnessed many great corporations boosting competitiveness through innovation by establishing their own R&D and entrepreneurial schemes, as well as VC funds.

However, most companies tend to run into problems sustaining the momentum needed for innovation due to several issues, such as:

- internal policy limitations and stringent corporate regulations;
- regular staff turnovers and shortages in specialist skills;
- insufficient experience in devising strategic pivots; and
- insufficient experience working with startups.

ClientLab provides partners with the innovation support needed to create technologies that shift the mindset of their customers, creating a strong market impact. More details can be found at


- We pay close attention to behavioural trends, leveraging the diversity of staff members, customers and users, powered by BehaviorLink™ – our behavioural psychographics and psychometrics framework.

- We consider your ethical concerns, monitor emerging regulations, and devise new methodologies in a cross-industry approach.

- We empower your R&D data efforts with our Datastack® framework – the foundation of our ethical AI and strict data privacy in hybrid cloud environments.

- We save you costs on R&D facilities and equipment while also providing you access to the latest technologies we review and offer.

We offer more flexibility and protection for your intellectual property (IP) ownership, adding more value to your IP base.

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