Cloud Diagnostics on Demand

Empowering the Connected Car Ecosystem with vehicle data

We provide remote data access far beyond current generic engine offerings, enabling the monetisation of Connected Car business models like UBI, Roadside Recovery, Fleet Care & more


1.    Business Overview Nebula Systems remote ‘data gathering and command’ system ( is an essential facilitator of the “Connected Car”.  We provide cloud-based/on-line, real time ‘deep data’ access as well as enable secure ‘remote control’ of nearly every car brand to support a myriad of monetisable applications. 2.    Problem – Communication and dialog with the connected car is restricted The connected car concept is gaining traction. Already worth tens of billions of dollars, it is expected to triple in the next 6-8 years. Nebula removes the current limitation on OBD2 generic protocols (engine only access) - to facilitate comprehensive 2-way communication and management in real time of each and every on board computer (of which there can be up to 70 on a modern car). Without universality (any car /brand /model /year to anywhere, anytime, anyplace, any one, anyhow) then only a minor subset of applications can be integrated and monetized. Nebula is able to access approximately x100 times more data than current competitive generic OBD 2 offerings, including: - over 200,000 OEM Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) with exaplantions - more than 300,000 OEM Parameter IDs (PID)as Snapshots or graphed - In excess of27,000 Actuator functions (door/window opening etc.) - 12,500 Coding Functions (add extra keys or vehicle components) The market indicates many examples of where this information is needed. Here are a few: - Market research company that wants to know what radio station a driver is listening to. - Roadside breakdown company wanting to know (in advance) what faults a car has before their technician arrives. - Rental company wanting to know - automatically - the fuel and mileage driven by a driver. - Insurance company needing real time odometer and driver behaviour. Nebula delivers a universal solution to address this problem and can provide any user with any data as required. 3.    Solution - The Nebula solution is based on 20 years of reverse engineering in automotive diagnostics Nebula’s solution is a secure cloud-based implementation of a robust and well-established legacy system used by over 5,000 garages worldwide including over 900 in the UK. Nebula’s technical implementation comprises: (1) A cloud based implementation containing every car manufacturers codes (known as DTC’s, PID’s, actuators and coding functions); (2) An API to allow third party developers interact with the system; (3) A front end user application; (4) A fully multiplexed telematically enabled dongle – Communications with the cloud are either direct from dongle via GSM or via our X-Link app in a user’s smartphone. N.B. As a fully cloud based solution MECH5 is operating system agnostic. It is also semi hardware agnostic, being able to interface with ELM327 based OBD devices, J2534 Pass Thru VCIs as well as our own hardware.  With GSM telematics based dongles, as long as we have partner cooperation to access their API and firmware, there is no limitation to connection. 4.    The Garage Sector MECH5 will be a completely disruptive entry into the traditional garage scantool sector. We expect that with hardware costs as much as ten times LOWER than current offerings and low subscription costs on a monthly non contract basis, there will be no barrier to purchase for either garage owners or any of their technicians. Furthermore, MECH5 can be accessed from ANY web connected device, is always up to date with no downloads and can even utilise existing hardware a garage already owns. With no less functionality but many more benefits than traditional scantools, MECH5 might well do to the scantool industry what MP3s did to the music industry. 5.    Company & Team Nebula is a coming together of two well-established companies bringing together strong technical capabilities, a 20-year established track record of successful business, deep insight and relationships in the automotive trade. The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder is Andrew Steer of Maverick Technology. Andrew founded Maverick in 1999, and supports thousands of independent garages that own its scantools. Nebula’s Chief Technical Officer and co-founder is Roman Di Lullo of DEC Automotive. Roman began development of the professional aftermarket SuperScan diagnostic scantool in 1995 and is one of the most innovative software engineers in his field.

Key Benefits

Nebula removes the current limitation on OBD2 generic protocols (engine only access) - to facilitate comprehensive 2-way communication and management in real time of each and every on board computer

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