CO2Admixture uses CO2 as a strength enhancer for Portland cement concrete. 190lb CO2 can be added into one truckload concrete, enhancing the strength of concrete by 45%.


CO2admixture develops a new pathway to use CO2 as a performance enhancer for concrete, the most used construction materials in the world. In current practice, utilization of CO2 in concrete is achieved mainly through curing concretes at early ages or injecting CO2 into the fresh concrete during mixing. However, the first technology is only applicable to pre-cast concrete with a thin wall and the second technology can only use negligible amount of CO2 in concrete, 0.1%-0.2% by weight of cement. All these limitations are eliminated by our new technology by a biomimetic, pre-carbonation process. In this process, we convert cement slurry into an efficient CO2 absorbent. The amount of CO2 that can be added into the concrete by this technology exceeds 5% by weight of the cement, which is 25 to 50 times higher than that the current practice can reach. As a result, 190lb CO2 can be added into a typical truckload of concrete. Unlike any existing technology, the addition of CO2 into concrete doesn't weaken the concrete. Instead, the strength of the concrete can be improved by nearly 50%.

Key Benefits

1. Utilizing 190lb CO2 in a truckload concrete. 2. 20% reduction in cement consumption. 3. Recycling all waste concrete and washing water. 4. 15% reduction in cost.


ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, waste concrete and washing water recycling

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