Coatings For Flow Assurance

Excellent performance, lowest cost, readily salable, many applications

We have developed a durable coating where liquids such as oil, emulsion and water slide that can be used for flow assurance applications. We have already scaled it up.


When water accumulates on a surface, the surface energy of the material is directly related to how the water will react. Some surfaces may allow the water to spread out into a pool with a large surface area, whereas others may make water bead up into droplets. The contact angle between the water droplet and the surface is used to characterize the surface. Hydrophobicity can be achieved in two ways: controlling the chemical interactions between water and the material surface or altering the surface of the material. A material that repels oils is known as oleophobic or lipophobic depending on if the repelling action is a physical or chemical property, respectively, and operates analogously to hydrophobic materials. These materials are often used on touch screens so that bodily oils do not build upon the surface of a screen. A material that exhibits both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties is known as omniphobic. Such materials with very high contact angles are often regarded as ‘self-cleaning,’ as contaminants will typically bead up and roll of the surface. This current technology is a polymer coating with the ability to bind to metal, glass, wood, fabrics, and ceramics with relative ease. The polymer coating has an omniphobic quality, repelling water, oil, and ink – including spray paints – allowing for a coating that not only has typical hydro and oleophobic properties but also protects a surface from pen inks and various paints. The final polymer product is optically clear, making it an ideal choice for coating computer and phone screens as well as windows. This polymer was manufactured without fluorine as a component, reducing the overall cost when compared to products currently manufactured. Areas of application include window glass, building or rail-car coating (Anti-graffiti), automobile and boat coating, roof coating and waterproofing, chemicals flow assurance by preventing accumulation of sludge in the pipelines, and energy efficient transport of the viscous materials through pipelines,

Key Benefits

Low Cost High Durability Readily Scalable Excellent Optical Clarity Fluorine-free Coatings Applicable to glass, metal, wood, fabrics, concrete, etc


Self-cleaning glass (Windows, solar panels, windshields) Self-cleaning metals Foul-resistant coatings Boats/ships Energy efficient transfer/transport of viscous fluids (flow assurance) Corrosion resistant fabrications Manufacturing Food industry Packaging industry

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