Coefficiency Lab

Explainable Machine Reasoning

We build explainable machine reasoning engines. Innovate UK competition winner, as part of a consortium with a leading business school and FX aggregator.


For clients with ambitious growth plans, centred on trusted relationships Who are dissatisfied with “blackbox” solutions with limited transparency We build explainable machine reasoning engines That creates valuable insights for humans to interact with Without the need for investment in data scientists & IT infrastructure Consumes client data and enriches with relevant external data Enables human interactivity Creates valuable insights (patterns, trends, anomalies, clusters, diagnostics & predictions)

Key Benefits

Full transparency, explainability and traceability Autonomous evolution - adapts as business and data evolves Can create results with limited data Revenue growth Client acquisition Client retention Supplier competitiveness Sales efficiency Risk reduction Optimisation


SMEs in Financial Services (such as FX Brokers, Wealth Managers) SMEs in Professional Services (such as Lawyers, Accountants) Banking Platforms Financial E-retailers Financial Product Aggregators

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