100% caffea arabica fruit powders, naturally processed. Pharmaceutical standard with full COA certification. Sustainable upcycling of previous waste product that is single origin


CoffeeFruit Pure have developed a specialised all natural process that preserves the previously discarded fruit from the coffee manufacturing process. Making for a highly sustainable upcycled food product of the highest quality.

Our coffee fruit powders are offered in a range of mesh sizes and come with full third party COA certification guaranteeing that the highest quality product is delivered to you.

Coffee fruit powders contain high levels of natural antioxidants, with a strong nutritional profile that enhances any nutritional product. Naturally low in caffeine and a natural sweet flavour the addition of our powders to your formulations boosts the nutrients without needing you to compromise on the end product.

CoffeeFruit Pure powders are a great option when developing supplements as an active filler - boosting the overall efficacy of end products.

Key Benefits

CoffeeFruit Pure is an all natural, sustainable ingredient that is produced without any solvents, excipients or chemicals

Naturally high in antioxidants , with a strong nutritional profile that enhanced the nutritional content of any supplement, food & beverage, nutraceutical and beauty product.

CoffeeFruit Pure produces a high quality range of whole fruit powders that are tested twice before being delivered to ensure that the highest quality product is being provided to customers.


Applications include:
Food and Beverage
Functional Food and Beverages
Skin Care
Personal Care

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