Compliance Operating System

WorkSAAS mitigates work risk and ensures compliance

WorkSAAS reduces Operating Costs, Ensures Legislative Compliance, Mitigates Work Risk, Improves Administration, Enhances Health & Safety and Workforce Management.


System Overview As an Integrated Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Management tool, the system provides a roadmap based on best industry practices. It improves operational efficiency, mitigates work task and work place risk, enhances health & safety management and ensures compliance. It utilises ‘Cloud’ technology to avoid initial capital costs and improve ROI. The key is the management of the process in real time. The system brings together the work to be carried out with the people who will carry out the work and the location where the work is done. The system works through aligning site compliance, performance risk and people competency information to ensure compliance for all work undertaken. Data on workforce, both direct and sub-contractor employee competencies, licenses held and renewal dates are kept in one module folder. The system accommodates complex workflows with dynamic interaction of Standard Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Precautions for regular tasks. These can then lead into the creation of a hazardous ‘Permit to Work’. Another module folder is the repository of site documentation and compliance records, it also provides location and asset auditing with remedial actions and training needs identified through this module. A further module enables accident recording relating to a work task or property and through the ‘Care Alert’ feature alerts operatives to any reported incidents. It also provides for the recording of incidents, allowing areas of concern to be identified and investigated. A contractor module manages contractor and sub-contractor management beyond pre-qualification to ensure their on-going compliance throughout the contract life. The system incorporates an environmental management capability enabling corporate and social sustainability goals to be set, managed and monitored across major areas of concern.  Executive and operational dashboards give users quick summary access to activities and enables activities for each location to be interrogated and monitored.   Key Features: Provides a records compliance repository and document management system for all activities relating to a particular location. Pre-populated method statements, risk assessments and precaution templates can be applied dynamically to suit site circumstances; mitigating task risk and controlling compliance for oft repeated tasks. Provides the control mechanism for hazardous work tasks permitting the issuing, monitoring and completion of hazardous work. This process affirms compliance with a client’s safe work method and risk mitigating controls. Ensures compliance for contractors and direct labour matching the right person to the work task. It provides first party rather than third party verification for contractors. Manages and monitors contractors and their sub-contractors, the services they provide, the sites they work on, with full performance auditing included. Includes a user-configurable and compliance scoring functionality to compare and contrast locations, people and service delivery with remedial actions and training needs identified. Records and investigates accidents, incidents, dangerous occurrences, environment spills and near misses to identify corrective measures, training needs and so reduce liability claims and lower insurance premiums. Executive dashboards give KPIs at a glance, while operational dashboards show activity at any given point in time and give SMS and email alerts where appropriate. Measures, monitors, and audits the corporate targets set for air, water, land, waste and community impact. It identifies remedial work tasks and sustainability goals. Unique Selling Point The integrated system brings together the people who do the work with the task to be undertaken and the location where it is to be undertaken. We are unaware of any other system on the market with such a level of integrity.  

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