Concrete, Cement Smart Testing

Innovative accelerated testing of cement, fresh mix concrete

Technologies & algorithms of this accelerated, economical & time-saving method test using small hand-held instruments & small quantities of cement and fresh mixed concrete.


The company which was established in 2012 has drawn on over 30 years experience of it’s management team to develop this accelerated testing procedure which works by measuring the electrical conductivity characteristics of a cement or fresh mix concrete and water solution during the early hydration period (in the first 90 seconds) using a purposely designed probe. The instruments and probe are easy to use either on site or in a laboratory and does not require a controlled area. Multiple tests can be conducted on the same sample by adjusting the input parameters. There are nine parameters the cement analysis collates: cement type, density, consistency of normal paste, fineness of cement, additive size, additive type, water/cement ratio, curing time, curing temperature. There are ten parameters the fresh mixed concrete analysis collates: Cement compressive strength, size of coarse aggregate, sand grain module, sand aggregate ratio, slump test result, impact of plasticiser, mineral consistency of cement paste, slump test, impact of plasticisers, mineral composition of aggregates, curing temperature, curing time. These algorithm calculates ultimate strength of the cement and fresh mixed concrete for compressive strength, flexural strength and flexural strength for oil well cement. The results provides flexibility and a shortened timescale to deliver results which provide technicians with an accurate measure of the strength of each batch of cement or fresh mixed concrete with immediate evidence based results being used to either accept or reject batches of cement. This speeds up the process whilst minimising costs and time, reducing failure rates and protects the integrity of concrete structures. Our CemTest instrument (cement tester) has been tested by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS)  and other independent laboratory tests confirmed results fall within +/-5-7% of BSI EN 196-1 standards. Our ConcTest instrument (fresh mix concrete tester) has been tested independent laboratory tests confirmed results fall within +/-5-7% of BSI EN 12390-1 standards. The company is seeking partners to distribute the products under a distribution services agreement.  

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