Visual recognition solutions that combine both digital and brick-and-mortar store shopping into one powerful customer experience, driving in-store footfall and increasing revenues


The Connected Shopping Centre solution from Cortexica opens up the physical Shopping Centre experience for customers to reap the benefits of digital shopping but within the physical brick-and-mortar store environment.

In a time that physical retail stores are increasingly struggling with the new digital age, and equally whilst ecommerce is rapidly growing, Cortexica has produced an innovative cutting-edge solution that combines both, creating a rich and luxury shopping experience for the end customer, whether online or in-store.

Derived from the Computer Vision field of Artificial Intelligence, and with applications including guidance beaconing to be led direct to stores, and a visual-based 'click & collect' service allowing shoppers to purchase on their devices and collect later, there are numerous applications that enhance the shopping journey resulting in a multitude of commercial and experiential benefits.

The Connected Shopping Centre solution has already been deployed commercially in the UK, France and Ireland, most notably for Hammerson PLC's portfolio of Shopping Centres via their 'Style Seeker' application which is provided exclusively by Cortexica, and the solution continues to grow from strength to strength as physical retail is increasingly challenged year on year.

Key Benefits

· Introduce new customers to retail stores based on their specific product preferences
· Increase footfall of retail stores within the shopping centre
· Increase product discovery capability and drive sales revenue
· Combine the power & convenience of the digital experience within brick-&-mortar stores
· Derive in-store analytics and predictive insights, such as customer shopping trends


· Image Search – instantly search the combined inventory of all Shopping Centre stores
· Shop The Look – visually search for a whole outfit or collection simultaneously
· Beaconing – find similar items visually and be guided to stores that sell them
· Click & Collect – for that luxury experience shoppers can click-purchase items and collect later
· Instore Analytics – using existing CCTV, count footfall numbers and other visual-based criteria

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