Covid has reset the consumer and reduced sales & marketing resources. ID8 gives companies the resource and knowledge to react to trends and recapture the market.


We provide market research with a modern twist.

Our product can seamlessly connect to your existing systems or give new capabilities.

Using smart technology we provide insight into the consumers wants and needs in a way that promotes loyalty and open dialogue.

Key Benefits

Covid 19 has caused a radical shift in consumer behaviour, flight to digital (McKinsey, 2020) and an average 42% cut in market research budget (Marketing Week, 2020).

Companies need a new way to research products, to react to trends and scale successful innovations whilst creating long term trust and value.

Our product allows consumers to share ideas, provides research and enables brands to reward the best ideas, at scale.

Our trusted & smart innovation bot can connect with your existing systems, and include and align your consumers innovation around chosen themes. (C) ID8.AI 2016


Market research
Consumer led innovation

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