GoMedia is able to provide content once and serve it to all the passengers own devices that are on the airport. This can be all type of content from media to airport information.


Brief description: On top of existing WiFi hardware GoMedia is able to provide an infotainment system that will provide the relevant infotainment and entertainment to flight passengers. They are even able to download content before they board the train so they can continue watching this content. This will reduce your data costs.

GoMedia has proven the value on this in the transport sector with his Rail and Coach clients. However is able to bring this to other sectors as well. For more in depth discussion on how this solution exactly works an NDA has to be put in place and more can be discussed in a conference call.

Key Benefits

Reduce data costs, give personalised information to passengers / customers, improve passenger satisfaction and opportunity to enhance this service with more personalised digital service offering to passengers / customers.


This solution can be applied in every place where loads of people are making use of a (public) WiFi connection but also to areas where quality of WiFi can't be guaranteed. This solution gives seamless most up to date infotainment to passengers and works in an offline environment.

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