Continuous Digital Printing

Printing in continuous digital images on metal coils.

Digital printing on metal strips from digital image. Today the process can be done in continuous up to 60 m/min. A pilot line has to be installed and can be visited.


The technologies currently used to enhance pre-painted coils are Rotogravure printing, Hot lamination with pre-painted plastic films and Sheet digital printing. There are limitations to these processes. With Digital Printing, we set the goal at developing a printing technology that can be integrated into a continuous coil coating process with no negative interference with it. We can print any digital image, be it a photo or a computer designed pattern or a mix of the two. A properly created image can result in an endless pattern. We can program in advance the next job or image while the system is printing, so that shifting from one image to the next is seamless. Digital Printing ensures a much more lively image and the impression to be looking at a “genuine” piece of material.

Key Benefits

Overcome limitations of: - roll printing (Offset, Flexo or Rotogravure printing) as in current wood grain imitation; - plastic films lamination; - sheet fed, scanner type digital printing. Develop a printing technology that could be integrated into the continuous coil coating process.


Decorative panels, garage doors, all the applications for pre-painted coils.

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