A software solution that is applied to existing cameras that uses deep-learning and machine vision to automatically count customers in and out of stores and control occupancy


We have developed a highly accurate (99.5%+*) software solution using sophisticated, resource-light, deep-learning and machine vision techniques to automatically count customers in and out of stores.​ This solution is applied to existing on-site entrance/exit camera feeds and the data processing then automatically operates a “traffic light” system placed at the entrance to tell customers when they can and can’t enter the store, based on the pre-defined store maximum. This allows store to repurpose the employees that are currently being used to count customers in and out, ensuring the most efficient use of their time. Our tests with an essential retailer in the UK have proven this to be significantly more accurate than deploying employees at entrances.

Key Benefits

- Works with existing camera and compute infrastructure, so little install overhead
- Allows stores to refocus and protect their most valuable asset - their staff
- Provides peace of mind for customers
- Avoids potential lost revenue through inaccurate occupancy counting
- Cost-effective OpEx model


This solution is applicable in all retail stores or essential service providers that are looking to limit occupancy in a given space at any one time.

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