When a Crystal Chip® tag is read by a smart phone camera, the complex 3D random 'pattern' that is unique to each item is verified automatically. No user judgement is required.


The AlphaFox Crystal Chip® tamperproof tag can be secured on an article or its packaging and cannot be replicated.

Depending on the application, the tags can be incorporated onto/into paper, card or plastic labels, seals and packaging, and on the protected objects themselves, including those made of metal where other security methods, such as RFID tags, can be a problem.

The tags comprise a printable unique ID bound with a random optical pattern that is machine readable via a smart phone.

AlphaFox Systems is collaborating with a specialist security company that is known to Fujitsu Defence.

Key Benefits

The Crystal Chip® technology offers the potential to significantly reduce the threat of counterfeiting and fakes and the consequent financial and safety consequences.

An added value allows the customer and manufacturer to engage in a manner that allows the manufacturer to know which specific individual item has been purchased by the customer.


The Crystal Chip® anti-counterfeiting system has potential use in many fields:

- Brand protection and Merchandising: consumer items, branded goods, pharmaceuticals, software, aircraft spares, medical equipment, etc.

- Tax stamps and Banderols: non-forgeable anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce governments' lost revenue from tax on counterfeit tobacco and alcohol products etc.

- Valuable and Luxury Goods Identification: production plant, cargo, vehicles, works of art, antiques.

- Financial Services: forgery-proof bank notes, bankers drafts, cheques and credit cards.

- Document Validation: contracts, government (secret) documents, warranty systems, visas, identity cards, and passports.

- Access control: - Personal: tickets, entry cards. - Equipment: cargo containers, computers, machinery.

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