Nowadays customers can interact with a business through different channels and in different ways. They will always leave a behavioural foot print that can be read and leveraged.


In today’s digital world, the online giants seem to have a towering advantage. They have perfected the art of gathering data about purchases and preferences and then appealing to customers with ever-more personalized offers that propel sales. With Como, we take the inspiration from those leaders to provide brick and mortars (such as retailers, restaurants or gas stations) and online businesses with all the data-driven customer engagement and loyalty tools they need to compete.

Como connects with your POS to create a seamless solution with essential tools that work together: your branded mobile app, a wide choice of loyalty programs (including digital gift vouchers), actionable business insights, marketing automation & artificial intelligence to collect relevant and granular customer data, and deliver the right incentives at the right time.

Our clients are business of all sizes that must find innovative ways to put their data to use: Burger King, Wagamama, Insomnia Coffee, Gucci, Buff City Soap, Paul Bakery, Le Pain Quotidien are some of the customers trusting us. There's no way around it - those who can leverage data to their advantage are the ones who will thrive.

We at Como provide you with the digital marketing tools to make that happen. Our mission is to smoothen your way to unlocking your full business potential by mining the wealth of data you get across all channels and helping you create lifelong relationships with your customers...turning them into your most loyal ambassadors.

Key Benefits

Own your customer relationships : connect the dots between all your technologies (such as POS, online purchase, App, website and Wi-Fi) and access your customers data in real-time. Get insights about your business to boost repeat purchases, encourage bigger spending and win back customers.

Offer a personalized & seamless experience to your customers across all channels : give your customers a tailored, well-aligned loyalty experience, online and off. Create a sense of belonging through highly targeted messages, gamification and compelling incentives based on their preferences and purchase history. Incentivize your customers with advanced rewards, promo codes, and state-of-the-art loyalty schemes, and surprise them with features such as subscriptions or in-app payment.

Leverage customer segmentation and data reporting:
Collect top data highlights and smart recommendations based on your specific needs and goals
Target your customers with a highly granular level of segmentation based on their purchasing behavior, such as their visits recency, frequency and spend
Generate any reports instantly with our advanced BI tool. Get full flexibility to slice and dice your data and schedule the reports to be sent to the relevant stakeholders in your organization

Boost your revenue through the power of Artificial Intelligence : let Como’s AI algorithms generate additional revenue by encouraging customers to spend more and visit you more often. Achieve more, with less effort.

Find and win new customers : increase your customer base with our social media integration and referral programs. Register or log in your customers anywhere from your website, App, POS, Wi-Fi or social media - and turn them into loyal customers.

Engage with your customers through multiple communication channels, such as push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS or feedbacks & surveys.


Our product is typically designed for any brick and mortar businesses, including restaurants, retail stores or gas stations. It also has applications for online businesses, such as e-commerce store or dark kitchens.

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