Customer Engagement & Loyalty

SaaS platform enabling easy partner collaboration so customers earn everywhere

Loyalty programs traditionally only appealed to frequent customers. The other 75% of customers dis-engage because they can´t earn fast enough. Our network enables everyone to win!


The Currency Alliance B2B Loyalty Collaboration Marketplace enables brands to issue whatever loyalty currencies that their customers really want to collect. We work with British Airways, Air France/KLM, Lufthansa, Etihad, Air Arabia, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Melia Hotels, SamsungPay, Visa, Wyndham, Comcast, Under Armour, and dozens of other brands to enable brands to collaborate around popular loyalty currencies - so customers shift share of wallet in exchange for earning more of their favorite points/miles. BT is in the perfect position to enable loyalty collaboration because the mobile phone and internet connections provided to enterprises/SMEs are the channels through which transactions take place; and, BT has a billing relationship with consumers and businesses to enable reconciliation and settlement of value and the capture of ´authorized´ rich customer insight based on actual purchase activity. Simple Apps can enable businesses - long excluded from loyalty marketing because of cost - to deliver much higher actual and perceived value in concentrating their shopping with participating brands. Currency Alliance makes this easy - with a simple API and robust loyalty currency management platform.

Key Benefits

Extremely Easy: Most partners have integrated in hours Low Cost: We charge 2% of the loyalty value transacted (which is often 0.02% of incremental sales) Extensive Commercial Agreements (the hardest part of loyalty collaborations is agreements with leading brands. We have dozens of huge, popular partners already on our platform). The loyalty ecosystem platform is proven - we have been in market for 3 years with many partners (including several of the largest Telcos in the world) Brands can build highly differentiated loyalty solutions on top of our API in weeks Our partners own the customer relationship: We simply operate the complicated backend technology


Currency Alliance already works with 20+ banks, dozens of airlines, many hospitality companies, mobility operators, and retail groups. Telcos are in the perfect position to deliver effective loyalty marketing functionality to SMEs and make enterprise solutions more engaging because of the telecommunications connectivity and contractual relationships with many brands. A Telco-sponsored loyalty currency involving tens of thousands of SMEs and some enterprises could quickly become more popular than Nectar, Tesco, Virgin, or other points/miles

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