Applying behavioural science to design and implement customer experience solutions that deliver ROI through the use of biometrics to understand unconscious customer behaviour.


Pioneering the combination of behavioural science with the latest biometric technology to improve customer and employee experience.

With up to 95% of customer decisions happening unconsciously*, simply asking customers and employees about their experiences and why they do things does not get to the truth. At CX Lab, we pioneer the use of behavioural science and biometric devices to uncover unconscious behaviour. Our unique approach combines the investigation of real-time, real-world experiences using advanced biometric devices with our proprietary Tripping Point® methodology to uncover the physiological and psychological responses of both customers and employees.

Armed with this insight, we then design and implement experiences that deliver a measurable difference. Combining Design Thinking experts with behavioural science specialists and leaders in learning and experience design, we ensure insights are turned into improvements that deliver business results.

Our Purpose
To understand human behaviour to enable the design of better customer and employee experiences

*Professor Gerald Zaltman Harvard Business School, Author of ‘How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market’

Key Benefits

1. Unique Insight
• A unique understanding of the unconscious and conscious drivers of behaviour in both customers and employees
• Real people, real-world, real-time
• Leading-edge scientific research, supported by outstanding academics

2. Design improved experiences
• Our unique insight allows for the design of innovative experiences that positively influence both the conscious and the unconscious behaviour of customers and employees
• We prioritise the elements of the experience that have the biggest impact on behaviour - saving cost and resources on extraneous elements that have little or no impact on behaviour
• We create a culture of evidenced-based experimentation and learning

3. Implementation
• People –we train and align your people to deliver the new experience
• Place – using the latest behavioural science, we design changes to the environment (physical and digital) to influence behaviour e.g. sound, colour, light, haptics, ‘flow’, etc.
• Process – redesigned around customers using technology to enhance the experience
• Communications – behavioural science enhancements as to how, when and where you communicate to customers and employees
• We deliver ongoing testing, measurement and improvement

We pride ourselves on delivering measurable business results:
• National Lottery – 21% improvement in conversion rate through their digital channels
• Honda UK – Our programme delivered a 31% increase in like for like sales
• Virgin Atlantic – £10m per annum cost saving


The primary application is in the design of improved customer and employee experiences. Understanding the unconscious and conscious behaviour of your customers and employees allows for the design and delivery of improved experiences and business results. This is applicable to all B2C and B2B organisations across every physical, digital and contact centre experience.

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