We are revolutionising workplace stress management using biometric wearable technology: improving resilience, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Stress costs UK business almost £30bn p.a. in terms of reduced productivity (Source: Health & Safety Executive, Oct 2019)…

...but there are a lack of objective measures to help understand why and what can be done to address its debilitating effect on individuals and the organisations they work for. This is because up to 95% of behaviour happens unconsciously, so simply asking employees about their stress does not get to the truth. What is needed is a solution that provides an empirical measure of stress and correlates this measure to business performance.

Our Innovation
• We use smart biometric devices to objectively measure workplace stress and understand the physiological and psychological signals of stress
• We create an index of individual and organisational workplace stress performance
• We correlate improvements in the management of workplace stress with commercial KPIs (e.g. sickness absence, productivity, health insurance costs, staff turnover, sales, profit, customer retention, etc.)
• Our BIO Programme reduces business costs and improves productivity

B = Benchmark
• Biometric measurement of stress
• Individual psychosocial interview to determine perceived causes of stress
• Aggregated and anonymized data analysed via CX Lab proprietary data engine to create organisational index

I = Improve
• Individuals provided with tailored improvement programmes with regular check-in
• Organisational programmes designed and introduced

O = Optimise
• Ongoing employee stress monitoring to determine the impact of interventions on individual and organisational performance
• Index correlated to productivity KPIs to demonstrate RoI

Key Benefits

• Objective data with which to benchmark and improve the management of workplace stress
• Data correlated to improvements in productivity and business results
• Individuals become more resilient and improve their management of stress
• Organisations improve productivity through reduced sick absence, staff turnover, management of mental health, etc.


The BIO programme is applicable to all public and private sector employers wanting to improve productivity and reduce workplace stress.

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