CyberIQ Risk Score

CyberIQ score is the first cyber risk score that rates your external exposure.

Know your cyber risk! CyberIQ scores & rates your exposure in the darkweb, social media & the internet. Knowing your score helps with compliance, security and partner management.


The CyberIQ risk score interrogates three domains: the darkweb, social media and the internet to find threats and risks, and proof of hacks for your business. It delivers the result in a two-factor score, a risk factor score and a darkweb risk scale. The risk score is the overall threat risk to your business from activity in the three domains that you have no control over. The score is rated from 1 to 100. The darkweb risk scale is a high-medium-low scale of the activity focused on you in the darkweb. This is important as the preparation for a breach or hack, or the fruits of any stolen data show in this domain. Within the report is a full explanation of both scores, your monthly history and any alerts for your industry or region. With the information delivered by this report, you can know your current cyber risk state and respond, if required, show partners that you have the right cybersecurity, and be confident of your compliance.

Key Benefits

You can't defend against what you don't know exists! Knowing what external parties ("bad actors") are thinking about your business, or may have already done to you, lets you prepare or remediate. Your CyberIQ score provides the information that you need to be sure that your cybersecurity strategy is going in the right direction.


Cybersecurity awareness. Compliance. IT budgeting and planning. Risk reduction. Remediation.

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