Daizy is a device and data aggregation SaaS platform that standardises data from any device across any network with no touch commissioning and serves it up for apps to scale


An increasing number of low-power, low-cost IoT devices are arriving on the market to sense, measure and communicate all types of data at scale. With this diversity comes complexity. We provide the plumbing for the Internet of Things. The Daizy platform lets you manage your devices, automatically provision communication networks and provides a single unified view of your data. We make it easy for solution providers to design and deploy scalable IoT solutions and consume the data produced without a large engineering or IT effort or needing highly trained installation experts. We manage the lifecycle of the IoT device, from up-front selection and onboarding to in-life monitoring and responsible end-of-life disposal. We support any device on any network technology, transforming device-specific data formats to normalised, useful data. We consolidated all data into a single data set under your ownership and control, avoiding vendor-specific silos of data.

Key Benefits

End to end device life cycle management - we manage a device from cradle to grave from the birth of the innovation right through to end of life recall, repurposed and recycled. Supper consumable - both from a technology and pricing perspective, IoT must be simple to activate. Agnostic - as a platform we are not married to any device, communication protocol, network or application. We are simply the plumbing the holds them all together.


Automated compliance checks - Legionella, emergency lighting etc Insurance risk mitigation - Leak detection, land slide detection, damp and mould detection Environment - No2 sensors, footfall counting, traffic monitoring Marketing - Button press to request test drivre Covid 19 - crowd detection, disbursement and logging of citizens Pick any vertical and the list of applications will be long!

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