Darkscope The Cyber Watchtower

We make people feel safer from the unknown in the dark places of the internet.

Traditional cyber defense security solutions are losing the Cyberwar. It can't keep pace with the attacks and threats that come from the Internet. Darkscope lives in the Internet.


Darkscope delivers Cyber Vigilance - superior cyber intelligence to clients about nefarious activities being planned against them in the deepweb and darknet. Today's cyberattacks are sophisticated, well researched and planned. They are more complex, better delivered and more attuned to the market than ever before. They will continue to develop at a faster rate and be delivered more professionally than traditional network-derived cybersecurity that dominate the cyber defense market today can sustain. This is war! Cybercrime in 2017 was valued by the CSIS at US$600 billion. It is forecast at $3 trillion by 2022. We need to change the game to win. Old-world cybersecurity technology is passive. It blindly sits waiting to be attacked before it springs into action bravely defending an imaginary perimeter around a network that has stretched across the world. This tech might win the occasional battle, but only having defense means it can't win the war. To beat an enemy you need to know what he's planning and when and where he might execute. Knowing what's coming means you can prepare. It means you can defend. It means you can repel. Darkscope give you these options. Darkscope delivers new tools that help our clients to be prepared for any attack before it is delivered by looking in the places the attacks are created - the deepweb and the darknet. Darkscope has a range of solutions that deliver improved cybersecurity for our clients. These include Cyber Risk Assessment, Cyber Risk Score, Cyber Watchtower, Domainwatch and eScamwatch. For details visit our website.

Key Benefits

Knowledge - Insight - Understanding Old-world cyber defenses are reactive and blind to any attack being prepared against them. Darkscope looks and finds the information before an attack is executed. With this information our clients have the knowledge to prepare. They have insight into who, what and when they will have to defend themselves. And they have understanding of the risks they face living in the cyberworld and this digital age.


Darkscope solutions help our customers with five key cybersecurity issues: Organisation reputation Organisation reputation is measured in intangible assets such as brand equity, intellectual capital, and goodwill. It is measured in the positive and in the negative. Protecting against the negative is aided by understanding what your profile in the darknet is; but more specifically how and when that profile is changing and deducing why this is happening. Attacks on an organisation coming from the darknet produce “noise” as they are created and built. Darkscope monitors these changes and reports them and any specific threats in the Cyber Risk Score of the company monitored. Account take-over (ATO) prevention Account Take-Over is fraud by assuming the identity of the account holder and is the primary objective of every phishing campaign. Once control of an account is seized the bad actor can access everything that account can see, act on, read, or move. The primary market for ATO Prevention is in the financial sector, with most of the focus on credit and debit cards. Scam (and email scam) prevention Credential hijacking is the most common form of breach as it provides the access to networks and information used to steal money, data, personal information or health records. Scams are pervasive; delivering malware, ransomware passwords and logins, that are the targets of cybercrime. Email was used in 93% of breach attempts in 2017 and delivered 49% of all malware . Other than email, scams use social media engineering and “pretexting ” to deliver a result for scammers. Intellectual property loss “The most important area for the cost of cybercrime is in the theft of intellectual property and business confidential information. Internet connectivity has opened a vast terrain for cybercrime, and IP theft goes well beyond traditional areas of interest to governments, such as military technologies.” Government regulations and compliance Compliance reaches beyond national borders. The European Union GDPR regulations came into effect in May 2018 and its impact has been global. Any business that has EU passported customers, or trades with any European business must comply. Australia introduced mandatory breach reporting in February 2018. As the world, and governments, become more aware of the real cost of cybercrime, the rules will become tighter and the fines larger. More importantly, the cost of non-compliance in the form of reputational damage for breaches forces changes in response from businesses.

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