We enable manufacturers, vendors and service providers to make data-driven decision based on real-time usage


Our machine learning technology creates usage fingerprints based on electric consumption patterns or external signals from devices. Our smart algorithms then translate all the consumption data into meaningful business insights such as new sales opportunities, supply optimization and distribution, consumption preferences, and scheduled maintenance services.


Simply connect your machines to our smart plug. Our plug is suitable for a wide range of devices, with no need for technician assistance.

Integrate our platform into your internal system. The integration process is simple and we customize the analytics according to your needs.

Start monitoring and accumulating data on the consumption of the machines and appliances by your customers and making cost-effective decisions and actions.

Key Benefits

-Plug & Play
-Non-intrusive (No Chips)
-Manufacturer agnostic
-Easy, Secure, and reliable connection (Cellular based)


YOUTILIGENT provides retail, food & beverage, and healthcare manufacturers, vendors, and service providers ACTIONABLE BUSINESS INSIGHTS by using onsite visibility and AI, leading to optimization of maintenance and operations, cost reduction, and sales opportunities

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