Replicate centralised data centre capabilities to the edge in a robust, scalable, energy efficient, modular unit.


DataQube is spearheading an alternative approach to the deployment of hardware and cloud technologies within an Edge computing framework.

The company has developed a unique solution that replicates centralised data centre capabilities at the edge of the networks in a robust,5G ready, modular unit that is scalable according to requirements. Its compact design, lightweight material and person-free layout makes deployment possible in all internal or external locations across all industries, particularly where conventional systems are not feasible due to size and capital investment.

More than 35% of data centre Capex is spent on air conditioning units and/or water-cooling equipment. This cooling infrastructure can also account for 50%+ of ongoing Opex. Immersive cooling technologies consume zero water, occupy up to 75% less space, extend product longevity and can reduce overall power consumption by as much as 40%.

Feasibility studies have shown DataQube to be 40% more efficient that conventional data centres because it eliminates the need for power-hungry comms rooms. Its compact layout supports more IT load per sqm and its support for renewable energy sources provides a sustainable alternative to diesel back-up generators.

Our innovative edge data centre system that can be deployed internally or externally within a six-month timeframe and for 50% less cost than conventional systems. DataQube is the perfect infrastructure to meet the increased demand for local edge data centres.

Key Benefits

Lower cost than traditional solutions
Lower carbon footprint and operating CO2
Can be scaled to meet the requirement
Can be installed around existing equipment / buildings, i.e. Cell tower.
Fully customisable
Very secure
The control of owning your own Data Centre, for a less than colocation space


DataQube has been built from the ground up to meet the requirements of bandwidth hungry edge computing applications including:

• Mobile gaming (AR/VR)
• Rural connectivity
• Smart cities & shared transport networks
• AI & machine learning
• Last mile connectivity
• Industry 4.0 & robotics

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