Leveraging computer vision and machine learning technologies, MinerEye illuminates masses of "dark data" that exist in organizational data repositories and in the cloud.


Are you moving to the cloud but don't know where your sensitive data is? MinerEye helps you discover, protect and track not only unsecured corporate data but also your customer sensitive data.
MinerEye leverages AI to categorizes data to help companies reduce cloud processing costs and comply with privacy and data protection regulations. With the DataTracker tool, organizations can automatically
identify, classify and track data to prevent data leakage, ensure data privacy, enable data minimization, and
efficiently comply with privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, and SOC 2).
MinerEye augments your current data protection, labeling and compliance tools making them more accurate, faster, and less labor-intensive through the following functions: Data Minimization - Minimize redundant, obsolete and trivial data that has accumulated over time and demands precious data storage and
maintenance resources. Data Segregation - Continuously map and alert on logical and geographic data segregation issues, and on data collaboration violations prevalent among large dataset carriers. SAR - Easily find and delete personal data belonging to employees, customers or partners. Secure Collaboration - Detect unlabeled files or labeling conflicts, then leverage DataTracker's recommendations. Conflict resolution - Leverage MinerEye's Interpretive AI Technology to identify non-classified documents and to apply classification recommendations on a small or massive scale.

Key Benefits

Any Data in Any Form: Locate and identify content within documents.
Illuminate Dark Data: Discover sensitive data hidden among your organization's myriad
of file repositories.
Granular Classification: MinerEye's Interpretive AI™ Technology is a fusion of machine learning, byte-level pattern extraction, and proprietary computer vision technology - delivering the industry's most accurate automated data classification.
Set Policies and Go: No more Regex. Set policies to define what risk level, retention period and business context you seek - DataTacker will do the
Trigger Action: DataTracker policies deliver actionable and accurate lists of documents for archiving, encrypting, labeling, moving, deleting and changing permissions.
Results in Seconds: Find specific data and documents, via sample datasets, in seconds. You can track down rogue IP, answer subject access requests, and locate customer and employee data.


GDPR, data protection, privacy compliance, data management, cloud adoption

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