Using Simulation Software, we are able to optimise DC capacity post COVID19 by modelling and identifying choke points in the operation that have been created by social distancing


COVID-19: The Next Stage Phase 2 Design Companies have focused their attention on immediate operational contingency plans to re-commence operation. These plans are quick to implement but often lead to higher cost and reduced capacity Government, industry and unions are recognising that social distancing and other restrictions are likely to stay in place for the balance of 2020 and 2021 and possibly beyond Government will soon launch guidelines for how warehouses, factories and offices should operate under the next phase of COVID-19 recovery (Phase 2) Leaders within industry are now moving to develop improved DC layout, process and operational plans to win back the lost cost & capacity impacts as plans move from immediate to medium term BearingPoint have developed a fast track methodology for analysing Socially Distanced DC operations in order to identify current and potential future choke points (as volumes grow back from lock-down) so that our clients are able to effectively plan for the balance of 2020, for Christmas Peak and for 2021 operations Why is this needed? • Employee safety, buy-in and morale • Cost and capacity issues are pressing, including Xmas • Union and legal issues • New government regulations are emerging • Poor practices are already giving negative press • Restrictions likely for 12-18 months, so it is key to have solutions that go beyond a tactical fix • Previous best layout & processes for a site need revising – with processes, rostering, automation, layouts and ancillary services all playing a key role • Both short & medium term improvements are possible, applying practice & industry knowhow to delivery rapid results for 2020 Benefits • BearingPoint’s approach provides implementable process improvements & layout plans within 4-8 weeks. • We use operational excellence blended with advanced simulation tools to identify and mitigate key cost and capacity bottlenecks. • Alternative process, equipment and layout changes are then developed & tested. • The approach is holistic, looking at total site capacity & cost performance, seeking to optimise overall capacity and performance of the whole, not just the individual parts.

Key Benefits

• Improved confidence in Employee safety, leading to improved buy-in and morale • Improved Union relations and legal compliance • Clear understanding of existing capacity constraints and how they can be removed • Optimised operational costs - ensuring social distancing is applied with minimum cost impact • Focus on both short & medium term improvements to enable effective planning for peak


Distribution Centres Online Fulfilment Operations Large Retail Stores Any other operation whose effectiveness is diminished due to Social Distancing

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