Do It Yourself platform that allows pathologists to create AI solutions for Cell Detection, Tissue Segmentation and Objects Classification very fast and using small amount of data


DeePathology STUDIO brings AI creation capabilities to the hands of every pathologist and every pathology lab !

Pathology plays a significant role in medical care within diagnostics, disease research and drug development. Without pathology there is no medicine.

DeePathology has developed innovative proprietary technology to create the world's most advanced digital pathology AI platform: DeePathology Studio - a ‘Do It Yourself’ platform that allows pathologists and researchers to build AI solutions for various problems in pathology such as cell detection, tissue segmentation and objects classification - super fast, without becoming AI experts, and without the need to send data out of the pathology lab.

We use state of the art methods in deep learning, active learning and data balancing to facilitate a simple and super effective annotation procedure to create large high quality annotated data sets super fast.

The DeePathology STUDIO was already used to create working solutions to a variety of problems, including Beta Amyloid Plaque detection, Astrocyte detection, Microgalia detection and more. Our AI solutions are currently running in various pathology centers in Europe.

Pathology faces many challenges today: shortage of pathologists, increase in pathology work load and problems with accuracy and reproducibility. DeePathology aims to provide innovative, accurate, fast and user-friendly AI solutions to pathology related challenges. and hence contribute to longevity and quality of people’s lives - by making Artificial Intelligence an integral part of Pharma Research & Medical Diagnostics.

Key Benefits

Usually, development of AI solutions requires qualified R&D teams, large amounts of data and immense compute resources. This means that AI solutions development is restricted to large organizations. Moreover, pathologists are usually involved in the definition of the problem, the supply of data sets, the annotation and finally the validation of the AI solution. The pathologists are not taking part in the AI creation itself. We think that this is wrong and our DeePathology STUDIO aims to put the pathologist in the center of AI solutions creation. Our vision is that AI creation will be available to every pathologist in every pathology lab.


Beta Amyloid Plaque detection, Astrocyte detection, Microgalia detection, Bone marrow growth plate region segmentation, Granulated/DeGranulated cells detection for skin cancer, Red blood cell detection, Ki67 cell quantification, Lung H&E wall region segmentation, Objects detection, e.g. glomerulus, Wells and Acini, H&E tumor segmentation, Region Segmentation in various IHC stains, e.g. FoxP3 and CD7, H&E tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes region detection and quantification, H&E lymphocyte detection, H.Pylori detection and TB detection.

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