The platform integrates the following: online registration, compliance check, appointment booking, stock control, online bidding, post-sale analysis, digital certificate of origin


Not solely a bidding platform, but an integrated solution with many functionalities:
- Branded design
- Online display of corporate documents (marketing brochures, annual reports, investors presentations)
- Multi-domains
- Multi-location viewings
- Corporate policies: Terms and conditions of sales, frequently asked questions, privacy policy, cookie policy
- Online display of upcoming sales
- Contact tickets to manage incoming queries
- Automated e-mail notifications before, during and after the bidding process to save valuable management time
- Online customer registration and legal compliance
- Tracking of legal files’ expiry dates
- Customer profiling and relationship management
- Spending limit on/off
- Online room booking
- Shared inspection calendar
- Tracking of valuators to prevent double attendance, swaps and conflicts of interest
- Automated issuance of inspection sheet
- Galaxy files and supporting documents sharing
- Stock control not based on bar-code scanning to save time and costs, while gaining mobility
- Real-time weight discrepancy tracking
- Post-viewings weight reconciliation
- Stock control logs
- Real-time performance analytics
- Manual bids entry
- Restricted and secure remote access to management and government officials for transparency purposes
- Secure online invoice sharing and tracking mechanism
- Post-sale and inspection reports
- Activity logs
- Digital certificate of origin
- Multiple layers of administrative rights
- Restricted and secure remote access to senior management during sales for transparency and control purposes
- Compliant with GDPR and diamond industry KYC requirements
- More functionalities to be developed…

Key Benefits

All of the below-mentioned tick boxes


diamond and gemstone industries

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