A digital platform used to run efficient school Operations


Fisheye Hub provides a centralised platform for a range of services to replicate human behaviour through simple automation. Every activity is recorded and kept protected by default. Schools may choose to have options to extract or integrate the data generated from Fisheye Hub with other internet-based services from the schools.

Digital attendance and notification, along with visitor management can be simplified with our platforms for schools with the most basic package, at a low cost.

Fisheye Hub can also provide Augmented reality virtual assets for our more advanced users to gamify the user engagement using augmented reality-based geo-digital signposts, objects and instructions.

Key Benefits

Our solutions are driven by real users needs and human behaviour replication for their business requirements

-Modern systems with digital internet-based systems using everyday mobile devices and laptops

-Integrates with 3rd party Apps for intelligent analytics

-Privacy led platform for users with targeted messaging using customised geo-fences

-Platform can be used with specialised asset tracking using RFID tags


Safety of customers
Secure auditable 1-2-1 chats between customers and staff
Realtime footfall history, on a privacy-driven environment
Integrating external systems for dashboard view
Intelligent analytics capability

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