Empowering individuals with independent living by providing vital messaging, information & navigation in society, in the right place and right time.


This is a revolutionary Digital Communication Channel directed specifically towards (but not exclusive to) the Hearing & Sight Loss communities building a Gateway to accessibility and inclusion in society by delivering the right message in the right place at the right time  ie Public announcements, Alarms, Bells, Signals, general verbal discussion and navigation.

Using a combination of Smart Beacon technology as part of a Smartcity IoT infrastructure and the Lifestyle & Community App, we can create an assistive accessible hearing & sight loss friendly environment empowering these individuals to navigate society with confidence and independent of a support worker or other. The Lifestyle & Community App will evolve over time and encompass a variety of engaging, immersive and intuitive rich features enabling Hearing & Sight Loss individuals to be able to also communicate better in public, retail, transport, Hospitals, Doctors surgeries, Sport Stadia etc with added confidence. 

The Smart Beacon infrastructure delivers unique offline messages directly to a nearby users handset alerting them to any dangers, disruption, hazards, or other general public announcements. The same Beacon network infrastructure can be licensed out to 3rd parties by way of license for use in a real time bidding format generating a sustainable and healthy passive income for the community. Venues such as hospitality, leisure, transport, medical, education can also integrate their digital solutions to the network of Beacons also by way of licences in order to reach their offline users in the right place at the right time.

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