Style3D offers a digital ecosystem that combines scalable software, cloud-based components, and services; it covers the entire cycle, from materials to 3D prototypes and metaverse.


The move to commerce and digital-first sales has created both an opportunity for companies large and small as well as some new challenges as well.

The opportunities are vast;
• Reduction in product development time.
• Cost savings (fabrics, samples and prototyping costs, shipping, photography and more).
• Increased margins: Moving faster translates to creating products that are on trend. On trend means selling at a higher margin with less products going to the sale bin.
• Sustainability: Millions of garments are created as samples each year that wind up in landfill. Hundreds of thousands of tons of garments created each year that are never destined to be worn but consume vast quantities of water and hazardous dyes. The Carbon footprint they create is massive.

Style3D eliminates these impacts and replaces it with gorgeous products that accurately represent their physical siblings in terms of detail and the producible patterns that the system outputs. What you see on the screen is what will come out of the cutting machine or digital printer.

Digital product development is the key to selling in a digital world. We offer a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows disparate teams to engage on a product, in real time, from the regardless of time zones or physical location. No need to install bespoke software- it works via your browser.

We are the world's leading garment simulation engine, with which we can enhance 3D garment performance and appearance. Nowadays, all moviemakers, 3D asset creators, require high-quality interactive 3D garments. With the traditional asset-creating pipeline, the results are not realistic and often time-consuming to create.

Also, web3 requires better 3D assets with more realistic wrinkles and movements. And we will contribute to the garment simulation part. With our existing Style3D Studio, we help thousands of fashion players to create their designs in 3D. We will work on enabling other platforms or engines to incorporate our garment simulation engine for a more realistic, vivid but low-cost 3D garment display for end-users.

Key Benefits

1. A complete digital ecosystem from product design and development to sales processes
2. Improved top-line and bottom-line performances
3. Reduction in raw material and product cost
4. Ability to test fabrics prior to physically creating
5. Reduction/elimination of wastage and improvement in sustainability goals.
6. Improvement in agility and transparency in business processes
7. Give teams better product visibility through collaboration
8. Faster speed to market
9. Reduce or eliminate the number of physical prototypes through virtual sampling
10. Better product development yield. Improvement in sample hit rate and product adoption rate.
11. Unique technology that can actually drape a garment on a photo of a live model. Photograph your models once and apply multiple garments and accessories to make each photo unique.
12. Real-time simulation, Realistic 3D renderings, and animations
13. Unique tools for sales promotion such as digital trend books and VR showroom
14. 40,000+ digital assets in open market place like digital fabrics, trims, styles, prints, avatars, accessories, mood boards, trends, and more
15. User-friendly UI, Simple-to-use, Easy to implement
16. Strong Encryption technology to ensure the data security


1. Retail
2. Fashion Brands
4. Fabric & Trim Suppliers
5. E-Commerce platform
6. Metaverse
7. Educational Institution

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