We work with our partners to eliminate fraud and corruption across the world. Over $1 trillion is lost each year through global illicit outflows of funds!


AID:Tech harnesses the power of blockchain technology to issue Digital Identities in a quick and efficient manner. Our Digital Identity can be securely assigned to beneficiaries so that they can access services not previously available to them. By providing Beneficiaries with a Digital Identity based on blockchain, all transactions can be securely stored on a distributed ledger in real-time. Services such as electronic cash, donations, remittances, microinsurance, micro pensions and social services can be obtained using Digital Identity completely transparently.   Features: Security - Every Transaction is Secured using a Distributed Ledger Transparency - NGO’s Can Trace Every Transaction in the Form of e-Cash, Smart Vouchers, Commodity Vouchers & their Mobile Apps Instant - All Transactions are Instantly Verifiable Traceability - NGO has Capability to Trace Every Single Transaction at All Times Anti Fraud - No Transaction can Occur Twice. Fraud is Impossible on our Solution Financial Inclusion - Bringing the Unbanked into the Global Economy

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