Youngsters that are employed by Exxaro due to the potential they have shows will be able to harness years of knowledge from experts on a digital platform.


Exxaro has been employing a lot of youngsters due to the potential they have shown to help grow the business.

This platform will allow these youngsters to have knowledge from people who have 20+ years of experience on a digital platform that they can easily access at any given time.
This will also assist the Business Units in growing a very knowledgeable team.

This platform can be updated on any given day. So it is a cloud of all the important knowledge that our old colleagues might leave with when taking pension. So no information, tips and tricks will be lost.

This will assist in production to minimise downtime's and give us more time to optimise and yield great results.

Key Benefits

This will mainly help with production. In terms of minimising downtimes leading to the production team producing more product. Improved yields, improved uptimes, improved utilisation, improved tempos etc.


Mine production team.
(Plant, Mining , Engineering , MRM)

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