Digital Reality Experiences

Fully interactive 3D replication of real world environments

A digitally replicated experience ahead-of-time has all the benefits of being there regardless of its location or yours, without physical risks, constraints or travel expense.


A New Leaf Many industries the world over are adopting more complete uses of conceptual or physical digital 3D models/pointclouds for a fuller life cycle. From conception, design, construction, logistics, management, phasing, operation, showcasing, risk assessments, decommissioning, training & testing.   Sense of Presence Glorious real-time dynamic sight & sound simulation often referred to as 'serious gaming' and 'virtual reality' is where our complete interactive 3D experiences have a huge range of applications, which results in increased stakeholder benefits through cost and risk reduction. We believe that great design, context and content is the key to successful use of technology, starting with the problem and working back to the solution. Two examples below are ' training simulation' and ' construction simulation' Training Simulation How confident are you that your workforce has the right level of safety knowledge to identify risk and operate safely towards zero incidents? With the rapid changes in the energy sector, new methods of sourcing and distributing energy needs new workforce training and impact/risk assessments. Consider that pilots have used simulation training for years. Now it's the energy workers turn to have dynamic active learning which involves the participant in the learning process for quicker and more effective induction and familiarisation training which can then be confirmed by running the real-time simulation again and testing how effective the training was and repeat as necessary, further reducing incidents and downtime. A higher volume of lower cost experience and familiarisation hours.   Competency Full training and testing simulation through scenario events and harsh or hazardous emergency situations or operating procedures. That means being able to create an acute emulation of a real scenario and collect insightful information on the routes taken, response times, behaviours, confidence and understanding. In summary, test aptitude to help avoid accidents and fatalities. . Even a slight degree of variable events can be introduced to the same scenario to train and test, the benefit being a unique scenario for each repetition to prevent habitual learning which is less effective in the unpredictable circumstances of real life on a platform.   Familiarisation Because offshore platforms can often be a blocky macrocosm of multiple levels and areas, a 2D map is of limited use for navigation or familiarisation. Ensuring staff are familiar with a platform using interactive 3D replication before they arrive can make all the difference to health, safety and competence.   Full Immersion We also provide the next step beyond the flat screen/touch screen interface with widely used non-vertigo-symptom Virtual Reality head mounted displays with head tracking to 'look' around and stereoscopic 'depth' 3D for the full immersion experience which can greatly improve training and testing accuracy because although the person still knows it’s not real, their response and behaviour is more closely matched to being in a real situation not a simulated one.   Whole workforce Holistic interaction between the people in the workforce can be done in the same scenario, each in a different geographical location or on site with VR immersion, or a mixture of both.   After action review For testing and invigilators, every aspect of the simulation is recorded so the whole training simulation can be revisited afterwards as an eye-in-the-sky with overlayed information such as worker routes taken, time taken, decisions made, play forward, backward, pause in time and view from any angle for a full review of the run simulation.   Incentives for efficiency Incentives can be included as part of the testing process in the form digital badges awarded for achievements, which has been proven to help increase morale, engagement and interest and efficiency. This is often referred to as ‘gamification’ - using game design principals to effect and affirm behaviour.           Online accessibility This can also be accomplished over the Internet by embedding the training/certification test online. Using the new developments in web technology it’s now easier than ever to access full interactive 3D real world replications and simulation training. This may be particularly useful in supplementing all of the above benefits for the induction or preliminary certification tests sent beforehand to temporary contractors at home, who travel to many distant and unique platforms. Secure open world replication online means the personnel can spend as much time as they like exploring the platform before they arrive, this can also be measured and even rewarded because it adds to the familiarisation and platform experience hours.   Open-ended investment A real world digital replica has open-ended uses and is not a one-time one-use investment just for simulated training and testing. To illustrate this, it can be used as a single touch point for all types of information such as photos and documents, LiDAR or sonar surveying, all the associated data of a physical asset within one interactive replication. Reducing cost by: Less on sight visits by remotely visiting Confirming training effectiveness resulting in less down time. More remote on-site hours of experience for familiarisation. Safe trial of new or existing procedures Create hazardous scenarios and test behaviour.   Our simulation services for the energy sector cover: Familiarisation & induction Training & testing Emergency response Debriefs & investigation Asset data management Logistics & phasing Decommissioning Fabrication & maintenance   Construction Simulation Showcase and communicate with the high fidelity of real-time real estate before they are actually built, targeted at potential buyers or investors. A new factory or public building digital replica simulation can aid in construction, logistics and phasing where the team with the tablet app and cloud access collaborate and communicate before and during construction. New development housing estates can boast a show home digital replica simulation that’s accessible for the public user online. This is selling ahead of time by increasing visitor numbers through unmanned and 24-7 open door online show home tours with built-in direct upsells to sales team. Solution can be completed with supplementary integration with augmented house models based on brochure QR codes.   And many more uses… But you may ask, what is the difference here over 360 photography, video and animation? We create active and full immersion experiences for training or showcasing that involves dynamic sight, sound and real-time special effects which invokes behaviour and responses as if you’re physically present, rather than just static point-to-point browsing. Client cost saving when we don’t have to physically visit the site to create a replica of it if there are blue prints or LiDAR available. If it hasn’t been physical built yet then it cannot be photographed. Where appropriate, we can supplement, replace or even integrate 360 photography, video and animation into our digital reality experiences. Fully interactive 3D replications of real world environments can even permeate real-time sensory data from the real world physical asset.   The Solution If you would like a non-jargon, practical discussion of your business problems to get a relevant starting point of knowledge to make your own decisions, we offer focussed discovery sessions to understand the problems you face and where digital replication experiences can create the results you need.   The Video  

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