Gives a comprehensive asset register that centralises information from all systems to allow efficient and future proofed asset management through a scalable and effective platform.


Asset Mapping is a scalable database, designed to bring together data from billions of devices and systems into a single, intuitive map. Asset Mapping allows anyone to see the location and condition of equipment in real-time, from any device. When conditions change, Asset Mapping triggers alerts and puts the right information at the fingertips of service engineers, so they can address issues faster and at a lower cost. With quick access to a complete list of all your assets, insightful analytics and tailored reports, you are prepared to make more informed decisions that bring new business value to your organisation.

Asset Mapping is unique in that it allows you to aggregate data from billions of sources and use it freely, in combination with your exisiting applications and upcoming cloud services.

There are 4 key reasons why our flexible data base is different to other solutions:


Connect billions of machines today, scale to any IoT requirements tomorrow.


Bring data from your systms and integrate with your business solutions.


Achieve rapid integration with asset management and cloud service applications


Protect your organisation with encryption at hardware level through to the cloud.

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