Sparkle's patented POS Bridge™ software enables any legacy retail Point of Sale (POS) system to become digitised without changing or modifying the POS software or system.


Sparkle has developed a patented software application that enables any 3rd party (eCommerce, Loyalty, Couponing, Gift Card, Payment, etc) application to be implemented on a retailer Point of Sale (POS)/Self Checkout without the need for integration with the POS software. Integration for years has been one of the major roadblocks in enabling any digital application from achieving large scale across disparate retailers. Sparkle's POS Bridge™ acts as the bridge between the ever changing digital world and the stagnant legacy POS environments. By doing this, POS Bridge™ makes it possible for what has often been considered as a stand alone device to become part of the new digital retail ecosystem.

Key Benefits

One integration project for a retailer can be a major undertaking often resulting in months (6, 12, even 18) of time and cost. Sparkle with POS Bridge™ reduces the time and cost down to 4-6 weeks. What's more once POS Bridge™ is deployed a retailer can quickly add other applications (an example of this is a Sparkle client is running 5 different 3rd party applications through one instance of POS Bridge™ installed across 700 POS) therefore making it possible for a retailer to be both tactical and strategic in their response to their customers. POS Bridge™ is also capable of enabling new hardware such as autonomous checkouts and self scan technologies to be seamlessly connected to legacy POS, making it possible for retailers to mix and match in order to determine the best applications and services for their customers.


Examples of 3rd party applications using POS Bridge™ across retailers: Loyalty, Retail and Brand coupons, Government Benefits, Blockchain (Proof of Provenance), Parking, eCommerce (click & collect) and Mobile Ordering.

Examples of Fintech uses of POS Bridge™: Connectivity of Payment Terminals and Payment Linked Loyalty using SKU Data

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